Mediation Programs + Services


Classes & Seminars

Co-Parenting classes meet the 4 hour Court-ordered Parenting classes required for any separating or divorcing Parents filing a Parenting plan in the court system.

CLE/CME Seminars offered as continuing education courses for Attorneys and Mediators in order to further the goals of promoting the awareness of conflict resolution and the benefits it provides to individuals and families experiencing stress.

Rule 31 Mediations

The Mediation Center partners with professionally trained Rule 31 mediators who agree to work on our discounted income-based sliding scale and conduct mediations for both Civil and Family matters (i.e. Divorce, Creating or Modifying a Parenting plan) pending in Court.  This partnership allows access to an affordable option for all parties, regardless of income, to attempt to work together through a neutral to resolve their conflict and become empowered to gain control over their situation.

  • Gross Income up to $2,000/mo. = $45/hr (3 hr min.)

  • $2,001-$3,000/mo. = $55/hr ($165-3 hr minimum)

  • $3,001-$4,000/mo. = $70/hr ($210 - 3 hr minimum)

  • Over $4,000/mo. = $100/hr ($300 - 3 hr minimum)




Grant funded/Pro Bono Mediations

Divorcing or Separating Parents — Our Center receives funding to conduct free mediations and provide legal resources and information for indigent self-represented parents needing a divorce, pr to create a parenting plan or modify a parenting plan already established.

Victim-Offender Mediations — Our Center also receives funds to aid juvenile offenders in participating in restorative justice by  working through mediation to take accountability and, together with their family (and any victims) make a positive effort towards resolving the problem their actions caused.