To practice the process of conflict resolution, we must completely abandon the goal of getting people to do what we want.
— Marshall B. Rosenberg



“This class helped me how we are supposed to talk to each other for the benefit of our children.”

— anonymous, attended Court ordered Parenting Class

Mediation helped me to relieve some of my stress by being able to talk about it in a very calm and nice setting.

— anonymous, family dispute

The mediator was very helpful, and I would recommend again.

— anonymous, Land Dispute

My mediation helped us find useful ways to resolve future conflicts.

— anonymous, Establish Parenting Plan


I was able to share my views and concerns through mediation.

— anonymous, Truancy

Mediation helped me find useful ways to resolve future conflict.

—  Anonymous, Divorce and Parenting Plan

I’ve learned more about the other’s persons views through mediation.

— anonymous, assault

Mediator was able to listen & communicate very well. It helped enhance communication between other parent which we normally do not get along.

— anonymous, Parenting Plan