Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time with our organization! 

Volunteering with The Mediation Center is a great way to build upon the skills learned in the training.  Volunteer mediators gain exposure to the field of mediation, practical experience, and an opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. 

As we continue to grow, we have an increased need for volunteers who wish to refine and improve their skills to the point where they can help us supervise and mentor new intern mediators.

We have high expectations of our mediators as the quality of their performance directly reflects on the quality of our service. Therefore, it is an expectation that our volunteers participate in on-going learning by getting constructive feedback throughout the structure of our “continuous learning” organization. 


We offer two forms of volunteering.  If you are a lawyer or Rule 31-trained mediator and wish to work with us, please complete the professional volunteer form.  All others will complete the non-professional form. ​ After we receive it, we will contact you to talk about getting started.  

Thank you for your interest, your generous contribution of time, and your dedication to the constructive resolution of differences! We look forward to learning more about you and providing you with opportunities to grow within the field of mediation.

Professional Volunteer (lawyers, Rule 31 mediators)

Non-professional Volunteer